The Jungle Park Nature Reserve

Jungle Park Nature Reserve, the jungle in Tenerife

Jungle Park Nature Reserve

The Jungle Park Nature Reserve located in Arona just outside Los Cristianos has recently inaugurated a show starring four Californian sea lions that have come to the park for a new daily spectacle.

The Jungle Park Nature Reserve

The animals, Casper and Pearl, aged two years along with Xana and Cookie, aged four years, their show and team of coaches were presented by Victor Pablos to the waiting media.

In order to present this show, the Jungle Park has had to remodel its facilities with a new enclosure of three swimming pools, one for performing in and the rest where they can spend the remainder of the day.

The Jungle Park now offers the most exotic flora and fauna from five continents and one can see 100 different species in its more than 75,000 square metres.

Jungle Park Nature Reserve

It also features white lions, leopards, jaguars, tigers, orangutans, chimpanzees,capuchins, reptiles, birds of colour, vultures, eagles and countless animals from around the world including a condor from the Andes with a more than three metre wingspan.

Another attraction the park offers is an exhibition of birds capable of reaching 230 kilometers per hour in an exercise of complete freedom. The Jungle Park works closely with the European Breeding Program and looks after the welfare of the animals in a constant effort to offer them an environment close to their natural habitat.

Jungle Park Nature Reserve

Along with the latest attraction it is possible to cross the park by means of ropes, bridges, passages and tunnels of more than 300 metres. This is very popular with all children.

The Jungle Park Nature Reserve is run by The Aspro Group which was founded in 1991. They have 41 centres in eight European countries. In Tenerife the group specifically manages the Tenerife Aqualand in Costa Adeje and the Jungle Park.

Aspro is an organization that develops a broad program of social welfare activities and through the Aspro Natura Foundation conducts educational activities, breeding, conservation projects and research among others.

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Surf in Tenerife – Surf in the Siam Park

Surf in Tenerife – Surf in the Siam Park with the biggest artificial wave in the world.

Do you like surfing? Are you one of those people that travels the world searching for the biggest waves?

If the answer is yes – then at the Siam Park you will find the world´s largest, at three metres high, artificial wave.

Surf in Tenerife, Surf in Siam Park - Regency Country Club

The water park beats many records but it is for this that the park is recognized and talked about by all the intrepid surfers who dare to ride the crest of this incredible wave.

Surf in Tenerife, Surf in Siam Park - Regency Country Club

In the wave pool you can swim in waters heated to a temperature of 24 degrees centigrade and bask on its sandy white beach.

Surf in Tenerife, Surf in Siam Park - Regency Country Club

When the gong sounds – it´s showtime! To the delight of those that love adrenaline a huge wave appears as if from nowhere.

The Siam Park provides you with a telephone number (+34 902 060 000) where you can book this wonderful pool and surf to your hearts content.

You cannot miss the chance to enjoy your favourite sport in an idyllic setting perfect for the delight of everyone.

Surf in Tenerife, Surf in Siam Park - Regency Country Club

With your reservation to the Regency Country Club you will have free tickets to the Siam Park to make the most of your stay.

What are you waiting for? Make your reservation today.

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Mariposario del Drago

Discover the nooks of Tenerife: Mariposario del Drago

Situated in Icod de los Vinos the Mariposario del Drago butterfly centre was the first space in Spain dedicated exclusively to butterflies.

Mariposario del Drago - Tenerife - Regency Country Club

More than 800 species of butterfly are to be found flying freely around the glass building on this site within which is a beautiful tropical garden.

The Mariposario del Drago is not just an exhibition centre. It´s breeding programmes supply both here and other centres. Visitors may observe at first hand the biological cycle of butterflies in a recreational and educational environment.

Mariposario del Drago - Tenerife - Regency Country Club

The Butterfly garden is to be found close to the Drago Milenario or Dragon Tree and is a 5 minute walk from the bus station in Icod de los Vinos.

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VI Arona Jazz Festival 2013

Jazz in Tenerife

VI Arona Jazz Festival 2013, Jazz in Tenerife

For the jazz aficionado May 18th next (2100 – Plaza de Iglesia Los Cristianos) sees the celebration of the VI Arona Jazz Festival 2013. Featured here will be one of Europe´s finest jazz organists, Enrique Valdivieso.

Hailing from Granada in the south of Spain, Valdivieso has released two albums, his first, Organ Blues of mainly classical jazz numbers followed by Black Bird, released to much critical acclaim. Valdivieso embarks here on an exciting new stage in his career and will present in Tenerife his new album Jazzandalus, in a concert which promises an eclectic mixture of “be-bop, fusion, swing and funk.

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Turismo Playero en Tenerife

Mejores playas de Tenerife

La gran ventaja de las Islas Canarias, es su clima, perfecto todo el año tanto para el turismo rural, como para practicar deportes al aire libre, así como para relajarse en sus playas.
Tenerife cuenta con algunas de las mejores playas de Europa. La diferencia es entre el sur y el norte de la isla, no sólo por las temperaturas mucho más calurosas en el sur, pero más frescas y agradables en el norte, sino también por sus playas.
En el sur de la isla podemos destacar algunas de ellas, como por ejemplo, la Playa de las Vistas, en Los Cristianos a tan sólo 9 minutos de nuestro Hotel. Es una de las playas más visitadas de la isla, gracias al ambiente que la rodea y su arena blanca, la hace una de las favoritas por los visitantes.

Playa de Las Vistas, Tenerife - Regency Country Club

Las playas de Playa de Las Américas, son otras de las más concurridas, así como de las mejores del sur gracias a la cantidad de zonas comerciales, bares, pubs, etc., que tiene a su alrededor, donde podremos disfrutar de un fantástico día de playa. También recordar, que las playas Playa de las Américas I y Playa de las Américas II, han obtenido la bandera azul que concede la Fundación para la Educación Ambiental en Europa, otorgado a aquellas playas que cumplen la normativa comunitaria en materia de limpieza de aguas del litoral y demás servicios de explotación, entre otras cosas.

Esta zona de playas está a poco más de 10 minutos de nuestro hotel, el Regency Country Club.

Playas de Las Américas, Tenerife - Regency Country Club

Costa Adeje cuenta con varias playas también bastante visitadas, algunas de ellas unidas entre sí. Para muchas de las personas que han visitado o residen en Tenerife, la mejor playa de la isla es la Playa de Fañabé.

Esta playa se encuentra a 15 minutos desde nuestro hotel.

Playa de Fañabé, Tenerife - Regency Country Club

La playa de Torviscas, forma junto a la playa de Fañabé uno de los principales núcleos turísticos de Tenerife. Ambas forman un extenso litoral de fina arena rubia y aguas tranquilas y disponen de todos los servicios.

Playa de Torviscas, Tenerife - Regency Country Club

La playa de Troya, fue la primera playa de Costa Adeje. De fina arene dorada y aguas muy tranquilas y limpias, la playa se encuentra en una zona muy céntrica. Es una de las playas favoritas para para la práctica de actividades naúticas.

Playa de Troya, Tenerife - Regency Country Club

Estas son sólo algunas de las maravillosas playas que podemos encontrar en el sur de la isla, muy cerca de nuestro hotel, el Regency Country Club. Les recordamos que tenemos transporte gratuito desde el hotel hasta las diferentes playas.

Tanto si te gustan los deportes acuáticos, como si quieres disfrutar de la fauna marina o sólo quieres relajarte cerca del mar, elige Tenerife como tu destino vacacional. ¡No te arrepentirás!

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