Golfing in Tenerife



Golfing in TenerifeGolf is an easy game which uses a club for hitting the ball in one hole but it is still quite complicated mainly because of the vast size of the courses in comparison to the holes and the small balls. The biggest Canary Islands, Tenerife with its sun drenched beaches and lively party towns are a popular tourist destination.

Golfing in the Canary Islands is quickly becoming the primary option for Golf holidays in Tenerife. Tenerife is quite a popular spot because of the warm climate and the easy accessibility of the major golf courses in close proximity to the main hotels and resorts.

When you are on a golfing holiday Tenerife will surely offer you a huge selection of the best courses which is open to public. All Tenerife golf courses are heavily booked during the peak season (Oct 1 – April 30) and hence it is better you make your bookings in advance all the tee times prior to arriving on the island to prevent any disappointment.

There are around 6 great golf courses which you can visit. So, if you ever plan to go golfing Tenerife you will surely have a wonderful time. Each course is suited for different levels of players. Go ahead and plan your golfing holiday today and have a fantastic time ahead.

Regency Country Club