Hiking in Tenerife 12 Months of routes

Senderismo en Teneirfe 12 Meses de RutasDifferent routes will be carried out in hiking around the island of Tenerife to discover the most beautiful corners of our island.

The next will be:

5 October - the cumbrecilla path (Anaga)

10 November - Lunar landscape (Vilaflor)

14 December - Runa wine (Camino Real del Sur)

Entries are made in the Youth House in Adeje and begin 30 days before each route.

Discover Tenerife and their natural spots with this magnificent activity.

Tenerife Bluetrail 2013


Tenerife Bluetrail 2013

Tenerife Bluetrail 2013 - Regency Country Club

In 19 October will be held Tenerife Bluetrail 2013, the race's highest mountain of Spain that will explore the most beautiful places of Tenerife.

This eco-responsible event takes place in four categories so that all riders can participate with the best conditions. These modalities are: Trail adapted handbike, Mediatrail, Trail and ultra-trail.

For more information visit the website: www.tenerifebluetrail.com

Mountain Bike Route


Mountain Bike Route

Ruta en Mountain Bike - Regency Country Club

The day 26 October will take place one route in Mountain Bike will be on Izana, Arico and El Medano. A mountain route high difficulty levels that will delight all those who worship this sport. You can not miss it.

Registration will be from the 26 September through www.adejoven.es

Così fan tutte


Così fan tutte at the Auditorio de Tenerife

Così fan tutte en el Auditorio de Tenerife - Regency Country Club

Così fan tutte the last opera is the result of collaboration between Mozart and Lorenzo da Ponte you. The story is about two friends who are challenged by the old philosopher Don Alfonso to a bet that puts on the table the loyalty of its promised. To resolve the conflict, young people intend to go to war and become only disguised attempt to conquer their own loved ones.

You can enjoy this representation the days 24, 25, 26 and 27 October starting from the 18:00 in the Symphony Hall (Auditorio de Tenerife).

Regency Country Club

Dantzaz Konpainia


Dantzaz Konpainia en el Auditorio de Tenerife

Dantzaz Konpainia en el Auditorio de Tenerife - Regency Country Club

La compañía Arte-An trae al Auditorio de Tenerife, con la colaboración del maestro Itzik Galili, su obra Flash Deluxe. En esta pieza se mezcla con sabiduría y maestría la energía de los jóvenes bailarines, con una destreza inusual sobre las tablas. Se apoya además con una creativa melodía de persuciones y txalaparta de Paxkal Indo y Percossa.

Un programa de danza de calidad internacional con el que el público experto y los nuevos podrán disfrutar de una gran velada.

La representación se llevará a cabo del sábado 5 de octubre a las 21:00 y el precio de la entrada es de 10 €.

Regency Country Club