Canary in APNEA 2013

Date: of the 6 to the 15 November

APNEA, SPORT AND ENTERTAINMENTCanarias en APNEA 2013 - Regency Country Club

With the term Apnea It refers to voluntary or involuntary suspension of acts of ventilation, in more colloquial way, hold the breath. It is the oldest underwater activity that is known. There were professional of apnea in classical Greece, like for example, fishermen of sponges or combat divers. Today, the Apnea, the most natural way to navigate in water, It is an important underwater sport in many countries of the world.

Without a doubt, Umberto Plizzari is the superclass of this sport. Where it goes, the spectacle of the subaqueous activities is guaranteed.

The sport of the Apnea competition began to spread in Canary Islands in the year 1998, year in which a Canary Island athlete Paco Gonzalez Castro, It is classified in Barcelona to the world, that takes place on the island of Sardinia with the Espanola.desde selection then the joint efforts of Federation, CAS, South apnea and Apnea Academy Est Europe, coordinated by Paco Gonzalez Castro they hold that nowadays Tenerife/Costa Adeje / La Caleta de Adeje will become the most important place in the world for the realization of the subaqueous activities.

For this reason, will be provided in the Spanish instructor course the famous Apnea Academy Academy, event that is held every three years, In addition to other activities for the island.

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