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Cycling in Tenerife

Fed up of having bad weather on your training camps or want to get away from the horrible winter weather at home? Looking to get your 2014 sportive or racing season off to a flying start? Are you training for one of the big randonnees such as the RAID Alpine or events like the Etape du Tour or La Marmotte?

Cycling in Tenerife - Regency Country Club

Tenerife is the perfect winter/spring training location or also a great place to get some relaxed winter sun riding in.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, 200 miles off the west coast of Africa. It is a four-hour flight from the UK but conveniently within the same time zone. Triangular in shape, it is dominated by the volcano positioned right in the middle of it. The very top of El Teide is 3,718m, making it the highest mountain in a Spanish territory but the road, the part we were interested in, only goes to a little over 2,300m.

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Mountain Bike Route


Mountain Bike Route

Ruta en Mountain Bike - Regency Country Club

The day 26 October will take place one route in Mountain Bike will be on Izana, Arico and El Medano. A mountain route high difficulty levels that will delight all those who worship this sport. You can not miss it.

Registration will be from the 26 September through

Cycling Holidays In Tenerife

Explore The Island During Cycling Holidays in Tenerife

Cycling Holidays in Tenerife

Cycling is a popular recreational activity. It is a very effective and efficient mode of transportation. It is most favorable for short distances. Learning to ride safely and efficiently is important. Tenerife provides three different areas which are suitable for cycling. If you are passionate about cycling then you can bring your bike when you are planning for cycling holidays in Tenerife. It is essential to know that an airline will
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