Exposure of vegetation in the Loro Parque

Vegetation in the Loro Parque

Loro Parque, Tenerife - Free Tickets Loro Park

In Loro Parque in Tenerife It is a symbol of the island. Its wide variety of animals and vegetation make it a unique place in the world.

In addition to the wide variety of wildlife that can be found, in the Loro Parque show us a series of exhibitions of vegetation very particular that we shall see below:


Among all the flora that make up the Loro Parque, stands out the Orchid, a unique place full of fragrances, forms and more dazzling colors that characterize these beautiful flowers.

In the 6th century B.c., "the Chinese philosopher Confucius called the orchid as"the Queen of aromatic flowers”.

Orquidario, Loro Parque, Tenerife - Free Tickets Loro Park

The garden of Dragos

In the Canarian indigenous flora stands without any doubt the Drago, along with the Palm tree. In the Loro Parque You can find some magnificent specimens of Canary Islands Dragos, which by its longevity can develop in ancient trees.

El Jardín de Dragos, Loro Parque, Tenerife - Free Tickets Loro Parque

The Cactus garden

In the Loro Parque a corner is dedicated to find a fantastic collection of Cactus, whom, over time they have evolved to transforming its leaves in thorns.

Palm Grove

If we move in the Loro Parque, We will find around 8.000 Palm trees. There are only in the Palm Grove which lies behind the entrance bridge 750 Kentia Palm. In climate in the North of Tenerife is El Dorado for trees and tropical plants.

Palmeral, Loro Parque, Tenerife - Free Tickets Loro Parque

The jungle

This is the oldest part of the Park by what surprises all who visit it with its special and exuberant vegetation. Ficus, Palm trees, Ivy and many others exotic plants This part make a perfect place to enjoy a nice walk among suspension bridges, aerial roots and a truly special atmosphere.

La Jungla, Loro Parque, Tenerife - Free Tickets Loro Park

These are just some of the great places can be found in the Loro Parque and don't forget that by reserving your stay with us will have free tickets for this incredible and unforgettable corner of Tenerife.

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Loro Parque

Would you like to enjoy a day of fun that is different and exciting with your family or with friends?

Get Free Tickets for Loro Parque with Regency Country ClubTenerife has some of the most important tourist attractions in the world but without a doubt the one most admired and popular with the tourists is the Loro Park.

The Loro Park is more than a zoo. Its wildlife shows and flora dazzle everyone who has the opportunity to visit.

With an area of 135000 square metres it provides a natural habitat for all the animals there. It houses a large collection of parrot and macaw species. Some of these species are to be found in its famous “Parrot Show”.

Get Free Tickets for Loro Parque with Regency Country ClubThe shows of sea lions and and dolphins are the most fun and entertaining for the audience and as they require audience participation make them interactive, engaging and a favourite of children. The section of the Park that always thrills visitors is the Aquarium. The vast collection of species here and its extent will delight anyone. The younger children love to visit it.

Get Free Tickets for Loro Parque with Regency Country ClubWho would believe that penguins are to found in Tenerife? Thanks to its Planet Penguin the Loro Park has made this possible and here is shown how these curious animals live.

The latest and most fantastic sight is the “Orca Ocean” where there is a show full of excitement and entertainment of killer whales.

In addition to these shows there are many other animals to be seen in the park such as flamingoes, alligators, chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas, cranes, iguanas, anteaters, turtles, meerkats, otters, tigers, jaguars.

Not only are there animals in the Loro Park but you can also enjoy the stunning tropical Get Free Tickets for Loro Parque with Regency Country Clubgarden. Here are numerous tropical and sub-tropical species of plant. There is a collection of 2000 palm trees from around the world. There is an orchidearium housing a large selection of orchids, a cactus garden and a garden of dragon trees (trees from Macronesia and the North Atlantic coast of Africa) and a Jungle in the oldest part of the Park.

Get Free Tickets for Loro Parque with Regency Country Club

In addition the Park has numerous gift shops, playgrounds and restaurants. There is an infant zone where the younger children can play while the adults can relax in nearby cafes.

Any visit to Tenerife without a doubt requires a visit to this fantastic park.


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