Fauna Marina in Tenerife

Whale watching in Tenerife

Fauna Marina en Tenerife - Regency Country ClubThe South West coast of Tenerife It is a privileged place for the observation of cetaceans in freedom, which there are colonies of whales and dolphins that live in the coast of the island throughout the year.

Their presence is so close to the coast, that has made the island of Tenerife the first place in Europe in importance by the number of people who are watching from cetaceans released.

We can see up to 21 speciesdifferent s in these waters, from the gigantic blue whale to orcas. These species they have settled on our shores, becoming a resident. The abundance of food, the calm waters, the good weather and the quality of crystal clear waters make that the archipelago to become a perfect place to establish your "home".

Fauna Marina en Tenerife - Regency Country ClubMany are the visitors who sighted these species so close to the coast that even they are surprised. But this is the wonderful thing of the Island, contact with nature.

Since the Regency Country Club We invite you to live in first person this fantastic experience.

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